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Please review the following policies in order to help you decide if Eliot Center is the right place for you to hold your event:

  • Environmentally Friendly Policy   As part of the ongoing efforts to make Portland and our world a healthier place to live, work, and do business, The First Unitarian Church works to support environmentally friendly practices.  Some guidelines that we practice and encourage you to practice include: using the dinnerware provided in our kitchens as an alternative to plastic ware and paper products – including using our water pitchers as opposed to individual plastic water bottles, purchasing materials that are recyclable and/or made of recycled content, reduce and recycle waste, and select vendors, caterers and suppliers who are willing to meet waste minimization goals. 
  • Only members of the rental group will be admitted into the facilities.
  • Only those rooms specifically rented may be used.  Exceptions to this rule are the restrooms throughout the facilities, which are available at the convenience of the group.
  • Our kitchen facilities are not available for use unless you hire a hostess to help with the preparation and cleaning.  The charge for a hostess is generally $200, even if you wish to hire a caterer.  You may be required to hire a dishwasher as well; whose fee is $20. per hour.  That is at the discretion of the hostess.
  • Renters need to provide for their own childcare during the time they are renting.  Children should always be supervised.
  • Smoking is not allowed on any of the properties.
  • Alcoholic beverages, (wine, champagne and/or beer) may be served at events at Eliot Center, per the alcohol policy (see below).   We follow OLCC guidelines.  Please review the alcohol policy below. A hostess is required when serving alcohol at an event or using our kitchen facilities. The charge for a hostess is generally $200, even if you wish to hire a caterer. 
  • Please observe all City Fire Regulations while using our facilities.
  • If decorations and displays are put up, they should not cause damage to church property and must be removed at the conclusion of the event.  All space should be restored to its original condition.
  • Once a rental agreement has been signed, the renting group assumes all responsibility for personal liability, damage to the church and conduct of the group members during and/or resulting from the group’s activities. You will be billed for any damages, loss, additional services and/or overtime use fees following the event.
  • We ask that you not move any furniture.  If you have specific setup requirements, please let the front office know at the time of your reservation.
  • We do not provide any kind of lighting equipment.  Lighting equipment may be installed by the renting group, but must be removed at the conclusion of the event and at the expense of the sponsoring organization.
  • A sound system is available only with the supervision of one of First Church’s facilities staff.
  • All posters, flyers, announcements and advertising for your event must include a contact phone number from your organization, not our office number.
  • Never place anything, (including papers) on top of any of the pianos (even with its cover on), on the organ or the piano and organ benches.
  • Never nail, thumbtack, paste, glue, tape or affix in any way anything to the instruments or chairs or any part of the front of the church. Be sure to ask a sexton for an easel, screen or blackboard backdrop should you need to display charts or project images.

          Alcohol Policy

    Wine, champagne and/or beer may be served at events at First Unitarian Church, except for before wedding ceremonies.  Please refrain from drinking any alcoholic beverages before your wedding ceremony. First Unitarian Church will not assume any responsibility regarding alcoholic beverages We follow OLCC guidelines, some of which follow. No one representing the church will handle alcoholic beverages in any way, nor do we do allow self-serve bars. We recommend you terminate alcohol service 30 minutes before your reception ends. The OLCC also requires that at least “two different substantial snack foods are available in sufficient quantities to provide a least one serving for each person at the event.” (OLCC examples of substantial snack foods are sandwiches, meats, pizza, soup, fruits and vegetables. Not considered substantial are sweets, cake, chips and nuts. Cheese and crackers are considered fine as long as they are served with another food item.) There are several approaches to serving alcohol at your event:

    A.  If you will be providing the alcohol (i.e. not selling, charging or accepting donations for the event or alcohol at the event), then you can either:

    1.  Designate at least two volunteer servers to staff an alcohol table for the duration of your event. The servers must undergo a mini-training, and read and sign an OLCC “What Every Volunteer Alcohol Server Needs to Know” brochure in order to serve. Keep a copy of the forms and return the originals to the church’s event host. Bring copies of forms to the event, as the OLCC reserves the right to inspect these forms on the spot at the event.  Remember, it is a crime to serve alcohol to a minor. Please age-check your younger guests.


    2. Hire a caterer to serve alcohol to your guests.  If your caterer is providing alcohol for your guests, your caterer must provide a copy of their OLCC Server’s License and their Certificate of Liability to serve alcohol to your guests. The church’s Event Coordinator can provide you a list of preferred caterers.

    If you are selling, charging or receiving donations for your event and/or alcohol, then you (“the host”) must provide a Temporary OLCC Sales License for the event. Obtaining a temporary license can take as long as 30 days. Both the City of Portland and the local OLCC Office must approve the application. Each agency also charges a License Fee. You will find an OLCC Temporary Sales License application form at for more information call: 1-800-452-6522