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 Non Member Wedding Rates 

 Member Wedding Rates 

Please contact the office for a full listing of rental fees. The rates are on a first hour/every hour after basis. In addition to basic rental fees, we also charge a $20/hour custodial/security fee. This is a required fee.

Non-profit organizations will receive a 40% discount on rental fees. First Unitarian Church members receive a 20% discount on rental fees.  In the event that the rental fees are a problem for you, occasionally one of our programs will sponsor you for the use of our space. There would still be a $20/hour charge for a custodian, whose presence is required. For security purposes, a member of the sponsoring program must also be on-site for the duration of the meeting. In making a sponsorship request, keep in mind that an outside organization's work should match a program's purpose. To make a sponsorship request, please contact the church office, 503-228-6389, ext. 0 and you will be directed to the appropriate program or church action group.

Additional Fees:


A hostess is required when serving alcohol at an event or using our kitchen facilities. The charge for a hostess is generally $200, even if you wish to hire a caterer. You may be required to hire a dishwasher at $20. per hour which is at the discretion of the hostess.

Sexton Assistance

If your event is very complex, it may be determined that more than one sexton will need to be hired. Also, if a sexton is required to work additional hours due to weather or other special circumstances, the cost of this service will be added to the total. Additional sexton fees are billed at $20 per hour.

Beverage Service

Optional beverage service is available and includes water, regular and decaffeinated coffee, a variety of teas, sweeteners and cream for $1.00 per person for your event.


We strongly encourage you to make other arrangements for linens. However, white round table linens and white eight-foot long table linens are available for $15.00 each to cover cleaning and handling costs.